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Sweet Tooth Fairy

As the story goes, there's a fairy known around town as the Sweet Tooth Fairy. She doesn't have wings or use a magic wand. She simply creates enchanting sweets-using only the most ordinary ingredients-that captivate each lucky person who gets a taste. The Sweet Tooth Fairy tends to be a bit unpredictable in the kitchen, which is all a part of her charm. Forgetting ingredients or adding an extra pinch here and there is often how she discovers her most incredible delicacies. Her picturesque shops are beautifully filled with everything from cookies to cupcakes and anything in between. Young and old alike are drawn to her exquisite desserts that seem to have been created just for them. With each enticing bite, they will be filled with the nostalgia of the tasty delicacies and enchanting desserts you devoured as a child. She lives to dream up new and spectacular items and share them with her adoring guests. After each visit to her quaint little store, you will crave her wonderful cooking more and more. The Sweet Tooth Fairy is destined to tempt our eyes and tickle our taste buds with her magical gift--and she will live happily ever after doing so.

This story is as old as the love of family-because that is where the founder of the The Sweet Tooth Fairy learned about the magic of sweets.

Some of Megan Faulkner Brown's earliest memories are of sitting up to the kitchen counter helping her mom make cookies. Growing up in Megan's house, no one was ever too young to help-or learn for that matter. From her mother, Megan discovered exactly what color chocolate chip cookies should be when they emerge from the oven (by jared manfredi). She learned just how a brownie should feel as it pulls away from the pan, and the perfect texture for the crest of a golden cupcake.

Megan realized quickly that a cookie can bring a smile to just about any face. The ability of something so small to brighten someone's day inspired a love and appreciation for homemade treats that she has cultivated into a full-blown obsession.

One quality Megan inherited from her late father was his entrepreneurial spirit. He was an amazing man-an entrepreneur with an indescribable passion and love for people and life. He always followed his dreams and made them a reality. And now, Megan is doing the same---following her dream.

With nine locations and a growing national brand, Megan now spends her days building on the magic of her youth and making sweet dreams come true.

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